Prosthodontics & Custom Dental Solutions - Douglas Benting, DDS - Phoenix, AZ

Dr. Benting combines the latest innovations in computerized technology and modeling programs with delicate sculpturing techniques to create personalized dental solutions for each of his patients. Enhanced technologies offer patients not only a greater range of treatment options but also a solution scientifically fitted to their own mouth structure. The result is a more comfortable fit and much more natural appearance. The following patient stories illustrate this technology and the amazing results produced by this innovative combination of technology and personal skill.

The first patient came to Dr. Benting for treatment following a recent hockey injury. 


An upper front tooth was missing and the patient had trauma to the adjacent front teeth and surrounding bone. Careful planning was essential to ensure an optimal aesthetic outcome for the patient.  
 missing teeth personalized treatment 
The damaged teeth were removed, bone grafting was completed and three dental implants were placed in the upper anterior segment of the patient's mouth.  A temporary removable partial denture was constructed for the patient to wear while the implants healed to the surrounding bone.    Once the implants had completely healed to the surrounding bone, a fixed temporary bridge was constructed to allow for tissue shaping, aesthetic evaluation, and planning prior to construction of the definitive restoration. 
Custom abutments were constructed and attached to the implants allowing for proper tooth position and angulation in the definitive restoration.

The definitive restoration was custom designed and constructed to the aesthetic specifications of the patient.

The patient was happy with the natural appearance of his new smile.

This patient contacted Dr. Benting after suffering life-threatening injuries in an automobile accident. 

He was missing several front teeth on both the upper and lower arches as a result of severe blunt trauma from the accident.


The patient had bone grafting procedures completed and dental implants placed in both the upper and lower anterior segments of the mouth.
The implant supported restorations were constructed to provide support to the patient's lips and facial tissues maximizing the overall aesthetic outcome.
The patient was very happy with the treatment outcome and to be able to smile with confidence again.

Similar creative dental design solutions are available in situations where all of the teeth are missing.

Three-dimensional Cone-Beam imaging assists in planning for placement of dental implants by identifying key anatomic landmarks, such as nerves and sinus cavities. In addition, the Cone-Beam image allows accurate assessment of the quality of the supporting structures.  

CAD/CAM technology captures critical data to assist in creating custom designed dental restorations.


Custom solutions are unique to each patient's situation and desired treatment outcome.  Dr. Benting would be happy to discuss your individual needs and concerns and design a custom solution best suited for you.